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Hi everyone. Yes, I’m writing in English for you so you don’t have to translate 😛 and is really because of this subject that I want to talk with u.
As u can see in the page, now is possible to translate the page to English but I don’t worry if u don’t see you language there. This is a actualization that I’m doing about the views of the blog from all around the world. In the begging I will have two languages that you can show directly and the other languages will be available in a link for a page that will be created here in the blog with the others. I’m doing in this way because I don’t know how to put the google translator… It’s a really disaster.

I want to thank you know about the views that this blog have. I want to apologize to… Yes, because of the school I can’t give my opinion and do other thigh because I really don’t have time to think with my head and something write but I promises that u can continue see all the pages upgrade but without a opinion.
This is very important because in the next week we will have a premier of a funny stories lived and write by my friend and make sure to u that you will lough very very much. Probably I will call the new subject ‘Mi11ion Funny Story’, and yes, it is two 1 because is a million. Haha

I have no more time but thank you and if you want to see a specific subject related in the blog just email me : !
I want to apologize me from some mistake but I’m writing from my smartphone and I write with the auto correct on and ‘m sure you know how can this be a disaster as u can see in some picture in the blog : clumsy 🙂 thumbsy.

See you soon


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