#Apps That You Can’t Miss in Your SmartPhone


Believe me, I tried enough for an application like this and had to have me connected to Foursquare to see possible applications to connect to the network!

This application allows you to share music that you like, that are listening or one that is playing near you, you can leave your opinion with the rest of the users. Basically, it’s a social network for music which I loved and I love to know. However, it is annoying not recognize some of the songs that are playing on our phone although there appear the notification in the notification bar.

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Star Wars fans, get ready because we arrived one of the most famous  in the world to one of the most famous games in the world. If you are lovers of this saga then surely you will love playing in these environments of the various Star Wars movies.

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If you are fans of inventions, Angry Birds and then can not stop playing the Bad Piggies, in my opinion, wins the game in the traditional opportunity we have to play in the standpoint of pigs.

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Share where you are with this fantastic application that is among the most used social. Apart from winning several medals still help friends or strangers to whether a place is good or not. The interface is very accessible and has integration with major social networks: Twitter and Facebook.

If you have Sony products can not fail to discharge the various extensions:

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Página das Extensões

It is considered the best social network with regard to the expression and the contact we have with friends and strangers when it comes to tastes and exchange of opinions or advice. Tweets also watch over fools.

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Need a quick and sincere opinion? Well, then this application is the ideal. You’ll be surprised at the very short time that you ask for opinions and then give lots of response or likes and deslikes.

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